Executive Gent: Profile

I'm just an ordinary guy, who having been through some tough times came out of it with a need to put some of my experiences down on paper. Out of that have come my stories. I never intended to write erotic fiction, but every time I start to write, that is what it becomes. I hope you enjoy it, I certainly enjoyed writing it and I will be posting as often as I can.

Thanks for all the positive encouragement, I really appreciate it, I'm seriously Dyslexic, so if I'm tired or if my machine misses something then I make mistakes that others think are careless, my wife usually proof reads my stories for me as she is a recent convert to this type of fiction, and most of my typed work is written via voice software, but that is not perfect either, but I do my best and although I am successful in my career, the sense of achievement having my stories published is over whelming.

Thanks to Vastiesmith who when reading parts 1 to 3 of Life after Death, thought it would stand up to public scrutiny and gave me the courage to post it. Also to Eon and Madame Butterfly for showing me the quality of writing too which I aspire