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ManAboutSpace: Profile

I've read the stories written by E.E. 'Doc' Smith, Arthur C. Clarke, Poul Anderson, Gordon Dickson, and I can't recount how many other creative and skilled writers of Science Fiction. Then too, I started reading Larry Niven and many other writers of a then newer school of 'hard' S-F. Robert Heinlein stands prominently amongst my list of authors. And some of the folks whose works I was reading were 'students' of Heinlein's school, style, and intent.

More recently, I've enjoyed the Military-styled S-F of authors like David Weber and Steve White. Other names in this genre' include David Drake, Eric Flint, John Ringo, and S. M. Stirling. Professional Historians such as Harry Turtledove who've also written S-F have also molded my views.

I hope that readers enjoy my take on the S-F genre'.