SirNathan: Profile

I am a 43-year-old so-called dominant male. But if the truth be known, I'm just like anyone else. I like parties and dancing and walks in the park and watching football on TV. I cry at weddings and I work and I play soccer with my son and I have barbeques on the weekends.

I don't think I am better than anyone just because of my choices.

I am endowed with a frank manner and do not suffer fools gladly. I have a wicked tongue and an even delivery. Like most people, I don't judge others until they've shown their hand. I don't fall for poker faces. I do not tolerate silence as a personal choice. I am cautious and thoughtful. I am more perceptive than I have a right to be. I am more gentle and romantic than most people expect.

The characters I write about are fictional. Some of my earlier work is based in fact, such as Dominique. I am a writer and don't consider myself to be an author.

I believe first-hand knowledge is crucial to the kinds of stories I choose to write.

Originally, 'The Hands' was an extrapolation from a fragment of someone's dream (not mine). It has 'suffered' an extensive rewrite and I encourage you to read it if you enjoy stories concerning bondage and a complete lack of control. I caution you that it is a relatively extreme story, and would like to remind you that it is fiction.

"Shadow of a Doubt" is a 'Reluctance' story, not a 'Non-Consent' story. I believe "The Hands" will be the only strictly 'Non-consent' story I write.

"Under the Bridge" nudges close to non-consensual and is also relatively extreme.

As of right now, I have not been published anywhere apart from online.

Generally, I don't work very fast. I feel a genuine passion for writing that is completely new to me. I used to fail English in High School.

Keep plugging away if your writing frustrates you. Get an editor, and remain open minded so you may learn as fast as you can. And finish your work without rushing it. Finish it properly.

Don't be afraid to write to me. I am happy to reply to all sensible emails. I do not bite. You may ask questions etc, get clarifications. Praise and constructive criticism is, of course, always welcome, as are short notes. If you wish to email me without supplying your return email address, that is perfectly alright.

I respectfully request that you vote. I ask because it is something you can do for me. I spend so much time poring over words and phases to make something memorable for you to read. In as little as twenty minutes you will consume the result of hours and hours of work. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy writing for its own sake or I wouldn't do it. I find completing a story or a chapter very satisfying. The reason I submit my stories here is so YOU may enjoy them. If you don't vote, or comment, or mail me and tell me so, I have no idea whether you like my stories or not.

Thank you so much to those who regularly vote, comment and email me. Your words and your kind judgement is truly inspirational.

I am bound by promises and faith to those close to me. Without you, I am not as good as I can be.

You know who you are.