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NightShade: Profile

Like many of my generation (the Baby Boomers) I have had the urge to write the Great American Novel. Unfortunately, lacking both the time and talent, I began writing for fun, as opposed to writing for my occupation.

My Pen name is a carry over from a brief period of my life when I traveled by car extensively. In that pre-cell phone era, the Citizen Band (CB) radio was the rage and my company installed one in my car 'for my safety.' The car was black and one night on the lonely stretch of road known as 'the I-5 (505) cut-off' between Dunnigan and Vacaville California, the name 'NightShade' was born as my handle. I left the company shortly thereafter along with the car and the CB radio, but I kept the handle.

My stories lines generally come to me suddenly, inspired by a myriad of muses. The stimulus may be a song, a phrase, a dream or just plain frustration. Whatever the initial cause though, it generally bears little resemblance to the story.

I write from a male POV. Even my female characters are often saturated with male traits.

Thank you for all of your comments. I try to answer all comments eventually and respectfully, even those from readers who feel the need to express themselves in a less than respectful manner.