Old Fart: Profile

I'm a 50+ divorced male who lives in the Los Angeles area. I have a romantic streak that comes out every once in a while. I like the opportunity writing gives me to imagine the way it could have been if only things had been different. There's a lot of my life in my stories but most of the action never happened.

I've found that I have fun making things come alive with words. I call them word pictures.

One of my readers tells me he thinks my writing acts as therapy. In some ways it does. I know I look at things I'd never examined before because of my writing. And if you read carefully, you just may find something that will make you view life a little differently, too.

I started out as and will always remain a reader. I enjoy reading stories on SOL and by readers of mine who want to take a shot at writing. It's amazing how many of us have a story just waiting to come out.

As with any author on this site, the only way I know how I'm doing is by the emails I get. I answer every one that comes to me, even if it's only to thank you for writing.