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Switch Blayde: Profile

I write about most kinds of sexual situations, but my favorites are "control" (mind control, blackmail, etc.), "getting even" (often with a touch of humiliation), and "innocence." But I also write about many other subjects, too long to list here.

Although I am the first to admit that erotic stories can be rather farfetched, I strive to make my characters and plot realistic. That doesn't mean I don't use a literary element known as "suspension of disbelief" which is: an essential element of work of fiction where we willfully accept something as real in order to fully experience what the author is attempting to convey.

I use my Yahoo group more than SOL's blog to communicate with readers. You can click on "Forum" at the top of my SOL page or go directly to
to join.

I have one published novel called "Sexual Awakening" under the pen name S. W. Blayde. You can find it on Amazon by searching for "sw blayde".