Big Billie: Profile

I am an Englishman, officially categorised as "old" by the World Health Organisation. My story collection is subtitled "Slaps, Screws and Snips" because I write mainly about spanking, sexual attraction and circumcision.

1. I became interested in spanking at school, where in my day corporal punishment was common. Spanking fiercely excites me, and it drives many of my fantasies; but in real life I am opposed to it, except for consenting adults, and I rejoice that schoolchildren in the UK no longer live in fear of physical pain.

2. Men and women are driven together like moths to a flame, and it is for more than sex. In my stories, there is no such thing as an uncomplicated screw, cold and clinical; I try to portray fondness, tenderness and love, even if it is only fleeting. Sexual attraction causes heartbreak, but also much joy, and I try to capture this in my writings.

3. When I was a baby I was rather messily circumcised and, as a result, my sexual pleasure has been sharply cut. I am opposed to circumcision. I would never inflict it upon any child of mine, and I rejoice that, unlike in my day, it is now comparatively rare in the UK. And yet, in my perverse, lewd, and filthy imaginings, the mutilation of circumcision sexually excites me. I love to write about it, but, in addition, I try to expose it for what it is. For example, my Cathy Harte stories feature a vindictive lesbian who uses circumcision to get back at men, and at the women who sleep with them. Are we so sure that, in real life, there is nobody like her? My circumcision stories are aimed particularly at readers in the USA, where neonatal circumcision is currently widespread, but in my view should cease. This issue needs to be dragged out into the open. At the time of writing, of around 1,000 authors posted on ASSTR, I am the only one to mention circumcision in my profile.

Oh yes, dear reader; before I go there is one final complication. I am a practising Christian and hence, given the content of these stories, a recalcitrant sinner and a hypocrite. So please pray for me, even if you do not believe in God.