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My wife, Peggy, and I were swingers through the 70's. With a few exceptions it was a one sided open relationship/marriage: We both enjoyed her being with other men --eventually (from the 4th night of our honeymoon) exclusively black guys. I was (am) voyeuristic and to me (us) there was nothing more erotic than the contrast provided by BM/WF sex. Some would say I was a cuckold, though it was never behind my back. We were products of the free love 60's. I loved to see Peg get crazy with some hung black guy(s) and to tend to her needs during and after. Hell, I even helped her get ready. I loved sloppy seconds (or more) and that was one thing that lead to our leaving the lifestyle. We had taken a break with the birth of our 1st child in 76 then resumed until 81 when our 2nd was due. It was during that break that one of my wife's childhood friends died of AIDS in SF, CA; her husband had been secretly bisexual --he died 2 years after his wife. The scare of AIDS changed everything! Safe sex didn't complete the thrill and testing wasn't yet common or reliable. We've sense grown out of it I guess though still enjoy IR stories, pics and video, our memories and fantasies, and a big black rubber friend. We're still together, 34 years this fall.

I write in spurts as professional/family demands allow.