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Mortimer Snerd: Profile

My writing began as a way to bring some of my favorite fantasies to life. I never set out to create literary masterpieces, or write gothic romance novels. These are all short tales, simply designed to bring the reader arousal. Some of them are based on shreds of actual events or people, with the ending reflecting how I wish things had gone. On the other hand, some of my stories are pure fantasy from the word go. I'll let the reader wonder over which is which.

I consider myself an "omniphile"... that is, my tastes include teens, kids, straight, gay, animals, you name it. So my work can't be pidgeonholed as "pedophilia", or "zoophilia", or any other single name. For the genre of any specific story, check the codes carefully.

Everything I write is from a male first-person perspective, to put the reader in the driver's seat. You'll find this gives maximum effect where you want it most. (c;

Happy reading! And I welcome your (non-flame) comments.