ImaFantasy: Profile

I am Cherokee, Comanche, Irish. I enjoy nature, animals, reading, cooking, sketching, writing, computers. I also like quiet, peaceful times, thunder storms, snow and Pow-wows. I'm friendly and outgoing for the most part. I am VERY straight forward, VERY out spoken and VERY to the point. But I can be somewhat shy and withdrawn if unsure of myself.

I like to draw working with charcoal. My favorite thing is doing charcoal portraits of Native Americans. I have recently started selling my drawings and also do commission portraits upon request.

I also like to write erotica for the shear pleasure of it. Actually, i really don't feel that I write the stories. They seem to almost write themselves. I really have no idea what the finished story is going to be when I set down to write. I've even found myself reading a finished story as if I'd never seen it before. The strap-on dildo story was a total shock to me as I read it.

Writing allows me to explore my own sexuality and discover things about myself that I was not aware of till now. It also allows me to understand how things that have happened in my life have shaped my personality and my attitudes toward sex. I've discovered that I have almost no sexual limits. And that my attitude toward sex is very open and accepting. I believe a part of this is due to my Native American heritage. Sex, in all its various forms is such a natural part of life. As long as no one and nothing is being harmed and everyone involved is agreeable...I see no harm in exploring all the many erotic possibilities.