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My wife Karen and I collaborate on all stories we post, which are based on a varied and wonderful sex life, started at a very young age. We would not give up any part of our sex life nor is it over. Karen and I not only live together we also work together in our own printing company, and are best friends. We both receive pleasure by writing about our experiences; giving you pleasure also heightens our pleasure. Your score and email is the only way we will know we have given it to you. We also will answer any question unless of course your email is sent anonymous.

We are not professional writers by any means. In fact my story "Growing Up Fatherless" I babbled on with never ending sentences. Before submitting it, I sent it to The Pervv; my only request from him was whether it was good enough to post on stories online. The Pervv not only edited the story so it was correct he took the time to show me what I was doing wrong. So do me in favor if you enjoyed "Growing Up Fatherless" or any of our stories, email The Pervv and say thanks for helping That's Rich.

As for Karen's story "Wanting Daddy", she received email from anonymous people wanting to know if she ever found her daddy. Of course she did.

Rich & Karen