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How does 'blonde, blue-eyed, big-busted, long-legged and insatiable' sound?

What was that?

Even if you believe me - which you don't - this doesn't say anything about my ability to write entertaining and exciting stories?

You're damn right! It says nothing. Or almost nothing. At least it shows that I have a vivid imagination.

By the same token, I don't think that my age, nationality, educational or professional background, or even my sex, are particularly relevant when it comes to deciding whether you are likely to enjoy the stories I write. So, rather than giving you biographical details, I'd like to talk about why and how I write.

To start with, I write the kind of story I enjoy reading myself. So it helps if you have a similar taste to mine. As I enjoy quite a wide range of stories, I'm also likely to write about many different forms of sex. Don't expect my next story to be similar to the one you've just read - it won't be. I'm not specialized in any particular category - in fact I'm allergic to being pigeon-holed. I write about what I find exciting at the moment. You won't find much male-male sex in my stories. Not because I don't approve of it; it just doesn't turn me on and therefore I don't think I can write convincingly about it. (Having said that, 'Triad', one of the stories in the pipeline, contains an MM scene, however it is set within a d/s context rather than a gay sex episode.)

Most of my stories evolve from me imagining a particular scene, situation or constellation of characters. It's as important for me to write about what those people feel and think, as it is to describe in detail what they do. In order to do that, I need to develop those characters, at least the main protagonists, give them a life which extends beyond their sexual activity. It also requires fitting the sex somehow into a meaningful plot. All this means that most of my stories have to be classified as 'slow'. If you can't wait for the first cock to hit the first cunt, then you may find my stories boring - at least at the beginning. I ask my readers for a little patience, to give me a chance to set the scene. It makes the action, when it finally happens, much more enjoyable.

Recently, I seem to be fascinated by the world of domination and submission, pain and pleasure. It's a subject which crops up in various forms, even when it wasn't part of the initial scenario. It interests me to explore what makes people submit, what makes them accept or desire pain as part of sex. And I use my characters to develop this subject from various angles. This may change, of course, depending on the next idea inspiration sends me.

I think this is enough about me, probably already far too much. If you want to know more, you can e-mail me at the address gatomedio hotmail com. This is also the address to use for praise, criticism, suggestions etc. I promise that I will read and reply to all messages, as long as they contain a valid return address.

The best way to find out if you like my stories is to read them. As the saying goes, 'the proof of the pudding is in the reading.'

Gato Medio