Ed Houle: Profile

Not long after I made my way on to the Internet, in the mid 90s, I found news groups, and then alt.sex.stories. Eventually A.S.S. led me here, to Stories on Line. When I found Scipio's Summer Camp stories, they led me to Yahoo Groups. From Nick's group, I learned of Frank Downey (at that point Frank had posted about 60 chapters of Dance of a Lifetime, which naturally I read at one sitting -- can you say eyestrain? Sure you can.). And on Frank's group, I 'met' Girl Friday.

Friday started her own group. During its brief flowering, the FKWLounge was simply the best the Internet has to offer. I'd considered trying to write something myself -- after six or seven years of reading erotica, it's hard not to have at least a few ideas that need to be let out. Friday and her crew created a place where it seemed 'safe' to try out fledgeling wings. Without the encouragement I got there, I certainly wouldn't be posting here. Bless you, dear.