Dai_wakizashi: Profile

I'm a relatively new comer to the scene (around Aug-2003).

As a reader, I enjoy stories with a good plot and character development, more than the stroke material. I hope that my writing reflects my reading preferences, as I try hard to keep my writing along those lines.

I try to use romance, love, relationships, drama, in my stories, and sometimes a bit of mystery or a puzzle to give them an added flavor or spice up things.
There's also a bit of darkness, or tense, moody atmosphere in them, perhaps, because I want to have some realism, and life is rarely a walk in the park, but that doesn't mean that my stories are from start to end all dark and moody--you have to give them a try for a few chapters and make up your mind!

Up to now, I have two stories posted:

Crowds: which is a short story, but will be continued later (It's expanded from that short piece to a serial, but as it is, it stands on its own as a short story.

Tales from an Unknown Corner: which is an ongoing series being published more or less weekly--unless R/L intrudes!
I have to warn you that the first 2 chapters (which are one year apart in story timeline) are a bit heavy and slow reading--intro/setup for what's coming up--and things dramatically change in the following chapters. If you are a patient reader, who enjoy a little bit of drama, romance, puzzles, a plot line, and some hot sex thrown into the mix, then you might enjoy this one!

Note: if you're not convinced try chapters 1 and 7 for a comparison to see what I'm talking about! Also, read FOREWORD to the story so that you know what you are getting yourself into! :-)