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The Scot: Profile

I chose the name The Scot, as a tribute to my Scottish heritage. I am 100% Scot, through the union of two clans, The MacLarens and the Forbes. I have learned that the Scots are highly loyal to their county, their clan and their family. They are fierce warrors and yet extremely passionate, sensitive and emotional, and are usually quick to show either side.

I am an Accountant/systems consultant living in the Mountains of Northern Alabama. Though wild in my high school and college days, I have been faithfully married for more than 35 years; she is my partner, my best friend, my lover and my heart. She tamed me then and today she has helped me understand the repressed feelings and anger that has pushed my feelings so deep. Part of my writings are to help me deal with those feelings.

I am an avid fisherman, especially in the salt flats around the many bays and tidal streams of the low country near Charleston. I'm not a gun nut, but I love to shoot (though I don't hunt any more) and I enjoy nature photography.

Most of the stories I will write will be about basically normal people caught up in extraordinary events; people who have honest feelings, strong values and who often change as they mature (sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse).