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Why Patreon? While I post stories for free, Patreon will be home to many stories only availabe to my Patrons, especially as time passes by and my page grows. My page will be a 'Per Creation' page starting in July, so the harder I work, the more you great readers benefit.

I will have several series available to Patron's only as well as series that will not be posted to StoriesOnline until I finish them on Patreon.

Being a patron gives you early access to my public stories in PDF and EPUB formats, as well Plot Polls to vote on, scenarios, themes, taboo-hookups you'd like to see and which series I should work on next. It's fun and inexpensive entertainment, and you get to control how much you contribute and what rewards you will receive. Have a look, it won't hurt..

Writing is fun and I love doing it, but I love doing other things as well and writing and going out do not mix well together. It takes a lot of time and sacrifice if you're not doing it for a living and since I'm not doing it for a living, I'm hoping that you enjoy my stories enough to toss a little love my way.

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