Scott Wolf: Profile

I am a Texas Bountyhunter. I love my work and draw heavily from it to get ideas for my stories. In my years of dealing with liers I have found the best stories do have alot of truth in them. You decide what's real and what you want to believe.

I'm fascinated by sex and believe all women are beautiful, all pussy is good, and money was meant to be spent. I am a biker, a flirt, and enjoy life like everyday is my last.

Don't waste a minute wanting something to happen. Go get it. Do it. Ask for it or take it. Just don't sit on your ass and wait for it to come to you.

Tell me what you think about my writing. Tell me what you want to see. Tell me about yourself and maybe you will end up in a book. But, be nice if you want to be a good guy, or girl, and not an object of ridicule. Unless that's what turns you on.