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J. D. Bond: Profile

Be warned...this will be long! :)

I'm an ex-pat island-girl living in the Northeast US. I'm a recently retired English teacher and supervisor of English teachers and teachers of other subjects. I'm an erom ghostwriter, a midlifer, mother of 4, excluding the dog, the cat, and the fish. I live on a dirt road in the boonies, and I love the silence and natural beauty. I do not own a gun, though I'd like to learn to shoot one well. I cannot ride a horse, though I'd like to try. Bucket list items, those two. I cook, I clean, I sing, and once in a while, I take acting classes. I am busier now than when I was working. Thankfully, there is sleep! :)

I enjoy reading everything except horror stories, though erotica, sci fi and fantasy are three of my most favorite genres. I write paranormal and 'normal' erotica. I'd like to try my hand at gay erotica some time. Another bucket list item. :) I am supposed to be finishing a Ph. D in English literature which, if I ever get done with the dissertation, will be about erotica in Caribbean literature.

Say hello, if you like. I enjoy readers' feedback -- it's what helps me write better. None of the websites where I post work has anything you won't see here, so I won't send you there -- that would just be redundant, and I hate that. If there's anything else you want or need to know, send me a note, please. My inbox is always open. Make today a fabulous day!