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Aimee Elizabeth: Profile

Hey there! I'm Aimee. I grew up in a small southern town in Georgia, called Clayton. It's a little north of Atlanta. I'm in my early 20's now and still live in Georgia but at least I had sense enough to get out of clayton. Lol

I'm about 5'4 have dark hair and brown eyes in case anyone wondered. So listen I would love to hear from y'all but don't waste your time on lectures. I'm a grown woman now, and just because it doesn't seem like it's right doesn't mean much to me. I'm here to have fun, tell y'all some good old sex stories including the dirty ones that people jack off too all the time but pretend like they don't. My stories are mostly true and I'm not apologizing for a one.

Hit me up if you wanna talk or ask me something. I'm an open book and not in the least bit shy.

Oh and don't expect me to sugarcoat my stories and make them all romantic and special unless they actually happened that way. There is romance and there is fucking. Try not to confuse the two.