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Harry Bawlzonya: Profile

The psychology of fetishism has always puzzled me. What determines an individual's fetish(es)? Take myself for example: I don't know what about mind control and transformation turns me on so intensely, but it absolutely does.

My stories contain themes of mind control, transformation, bisexuality, bestiality, humiliation, and incest. Not all themes are present in every story (bisexuality, for instance, is used sparingly), but the main theme present in almost every story is mind control.

My particular flavor of mind control—as there are many—is difficult to describe, but I can say it is not the "Yes, Master" kind. I guess I just find those call-me-master types so cliche and boring. No, I much prefer the kind of MC that has some all-powerful, mysterious stranger appear and discretely control his subject(s).

My major influences include Wandrer (that is spelled correctly), Burntback, and probably many others who I can't immediately recall at the moment.