Adam Bookbinder: Profile

I've been writing erotica since I was about 13 or 14. I used to nick erotic books from a second hand bookshop, smuggle them home in my satchel and read them in bed at night under the blankets with a torch. I became frustrated when the characters didn't do what I wanted them to do so I started writing my own erotica instead. I've been writing it for pleasure ever since.

I'm a batchelor living alone in Manchester and, although I like it that way I'm always open to meeting new friends, especally female ones who might like to help me with my writing. I get some fantastic e-mail from readers who enjoy my stories and knowing that people enjoy what I write makes it all worthwhile. If you enjoy one of my stories please do get in touch and let me know. I reply to everyone who doesn't write anonymously. I like the anonymous ones too, but I obviously can't reply to those!

When I'm not writing erotica I write for a living so you'd have thought I'd be good at it by now wouldn't you? When I'm not working my interests include history, science, philosophy, mythology, astronomy, astrology and the Cabala. Oh and I enjoy a bit of football too and going to the seaside and eating fish and chips out of the wrappers!