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Consonant Smile: Profile

This is an edited foreword from my first published (usenet-ASS) story. It tells a little about me:

I started reading erotic stories from the moment that I could find them. The Ian Fleming books were the first to have a taste of sex and from that time forward, I was hooked. I read such diverse authors as John Norman, Alec Baldwin, Harold Robbins and Anais Nin. Life was good until I connected to the web and found erotica online; then it got better. I applaud those persons dedicated to archiving the erotica available online. Particular mention is due Google (formerly Deja) News, ASSTR, and Stories Online. Some of my favorite authors and inspiration for my work include: Morgan, Al Steiner, rougher63, rflj, Netwolf, and Deana Johns.

I began writing stories in 1998 during a lull in my reading. My writing has always been for my personal pleasure and for no other reason. I also have been reluctant to publish because of privacy issues. I have had a change of heart and decided that since I have received much enjoyment reading some of the great stuff that is out there I should share what I have.

I prefer to write as well as read in first person narrative form. The point of view of my stories is usually that of man in the autumn of his years. My particular style does not embrace detailed sexual exploits except where necessary to the story. I enjoy the power of the imagination and encourage the reader to do the same. I do not care to release any story until it is completed. I have trouble enough keeping my story congruent with all of its parts in agreement. I try to edit for typos and grammatical errors as well as maintain an easy to follow style.

Because these are finished stories and because they were written for me and not a reader, I do not solicit feedback or criticism. However, I get some pleasure in knowing that someone else enjoyed my story and I am always ready to listen to another point of view. I will not read through any malicious mail, I will kill(filter) it.