diabetic: Profile

A story teller, not a hard-core porn writer. If you want stories with paragraph after paragraph of moaning and groaning, then my stories are probably not for you.

You'll also soon discover that I am an itty-bitty-titty man, and a lover of Asian women. The only time you'll find a 42DDDD in one of my stories is when I need a bimbo.

I enjoy trying to put a lot of details in my stories. Things that I hope readers will enjoy. I try to be reasonably honest in my geography and history.

I also enjoy the little twists and turns that life offers, and I try and incorporate these into my stories.

Feedback is always welcome. If you think my stories suck, that's OK, feel free to tell me, but also do me the courtesy of telling my why my stories suck. Maybe, with the help of your feedback, I can make them suck less.

If you like my stories, definitely tell me, as I live for praise. I may even solicit input or bounce story ideas off of you.

I realize that my stories will rarely get scores of "9" or "10" because I don't put enough wanton, descriptive sex in there. Sorry 'bout that.

Relax, enjoy, and remember that no underage electrons were used in the creation of any of my stories. Patent Pending. Do not remove this tag under penalty of law. Copyright. Yada yada yada.