tenyari: Profile

So Tenyari... Who is she?

Well I won't tell you that, but I will tell you some bits...

A former dot-com-era artist, I've moved on to -hopefully- greener pastures working in legal matters.

I'm a native of Northern California, growing up poor in the inner city. I'm the rare creature of a person from such a world who is also educated enough to express what we feel and know of as reality. Some of you will not want to know our perspective -a man rarely wants to know his dog can think, let alone feel- but for the rest of you, I hope it enlightens. Maybe you'll even find the optimism I hide within it. ;)

I've a fetish for the mix of nudity and sexuality - and feel we would all be a lot happier if these things were both more openly accepted. My writing is of course, centered around the fantasies that appeal to me. Around subjects I hope to see others writing as well. I've always wondered what it would be like to live without clothing. As such much of my work is set in a nudist environment of some sort, such as the Naked in School series.

MF, FF, cons, exhib, voy, are common potential story codes for me. You will -NEVER- see rape, incest, snuff, D/s and other themes from me 'directly'. Characters might have these events in their pasts or 'off camera', but it is not something I wish to explore.

I hope you enjoy my work, it's there for your pleasure. If you do, please let me know. I'm also quite open to any other constructive feedback you may have. Just be kind about it. :)

Feel free to save locally anything you read of mine, but if you wish to redistribute it, contact me.