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'oafish'... to honor the memory of a lifelong friend of 17 years...and he was a great dawg, too!

I've had a lifelong proclivity of studying and deeply 'dabbling' in many artistic and spiritual pursuits.

Painting, sculpture, music, dance, 'philosophy'... all bubble and ferment in my backbrain to burstforth and dribble, unbidden, from my fingertips.

Nov. 2000, I decided to explore a taste of the written word... 18 months later I posted the 19 stories I'd written up to that date at this site.

And then...

Well, I have surprised myself, as well as, hopefully, YOU!

...by continueing to write more!

It all comes from my dreams, my memories, my hopes, my explorations of...'What if...?'...and my absolute adoration of female beauty!

Any and all comments or feedback on my stories, or any aspect thereof, are Greatly Appreciated!

"My life is a flat stone skipping across the surface of reality."