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lucky jim or building business empire suggestions pls....


suggestions please tnx....

Replies:   awnlee jawking  sunkuwan
awnlee jawking


This has been asked before. Have you perused the previous threads?





A fresh start by rlfj
Do-over where the MC makes an investment firm, but its only in the background and gets completely in the backseat after he becomes a politician

Magestic by gwresearch
they build an economic empire

A new past by Charlie foxtrott:
Do-over where the mc builds a business empire.


These all qualify in one way or another - Some (Human Pheonix / Human Man) take a while to get there

Recluse & Ghost

Dual Writer Run Away

Terran Trader


River Pirates by aubie56

Millionaire next door

Daze in the valley

Steam Show

Gold by Bigzeke

Human Pheonix

Human Man

Living Next Door To Heaven

Beyond The Mirror


and the Florida Friends

Regards G_R

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