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Any good novels about a boy/man who gets powers and becomes a hero? Should also have erotica.



There is "Super Powereds" from Drew Heyes:
but it has no erotica

Eric Storm has some long stroke stories on wolfpub with super powered teams ("Justive Seven" and "Paladin")

awnlee jawking


Chances are... by Stultus.


Capt. Zapp


Lazarus Valentine has a series of 4 stories that you may enjoy.

The Omega Touch is the first:

Super powers traditionally come from one of four sources: Science, Magic, Cosmic, or Mutation. But five years after the death of a powerful superhero, a young reporter discovers that there are limitless powers that can come from the simple acts of love, compassion, and generosity. (Illustrated)



Best superhero web serial ever.

Replies:   sunkuwan


correct, but its not a man/boy like the Op wants ;)

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