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Broken Stories


In several stories there many instances of paragraphs end mid sentence or starting with one or two words then jumping to the next paragraph. To say the least it is annoying and the worst is that it disrupts the story line. I can't believe this would not be caught with absolute minimal editing so there must be another problem. I have not run into any broken links yet but with the many errors in the text there must be something wrong that is crying for a cure. This is in several different authors stories~~Faxon, SW MO Hermit, The Scot, and a few others have this problem, that I have run across so far.


Which story, which chapter, which page?

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


When you see one, always, always report it through the site's webmaster link. Noting story title, author name and chapter or page (if applicable) in question.

Some times we get file corruption during transfer.

Replies:   Capt. Zapp
Capt. Zapp

@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

always, always report it through the site's webmaster link.

I was wondering what the proper procedure was. The only one I came across I just let the writer know in case it was an editing error.

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