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dragon quest type story

Mr Castle

I would love to read a propper dragon quest type story that's more than just sex. Something with a plot and character depth.

Capt. Zapp

@Mr Castle

The first one that pops into my mind is DRAGONSEEKERS By Ice Phoenix aka Net Wolf. Unfortunately I don't think it is on SOL anymore and I'm not sure where it is available online.

ETA I found it at http://www.wolfpub.org/main.php

Crumbly Writer

Unsure just what you're looking for? A story based on the old "DragonQuest" video game, or stories about fighting dragons (i.e. King Author's Knights or more modern variations).

If you're looking for the first, I'm not guessing you'll get a whole hell of a lot of plot. :(

StarFleet Carl

@Mr Castle

If you're wanting a story based upon a video game that happens to have dragons in it ...

I'm posting the final chapter of my novel tomorrow (08/10/17) so it'll be complete. It's based upon a play through of Skyrim. It's my first novel, and I was posting as I was writing, so even I now realize the first 10 or so chapters aren't as good as the rest of book, and I'll eventually do a re-write.

"Legacy of a Legend" is the title. 74 chapters, a bit over 430,000 words.

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