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reboot or sequel


I'd like to see a reboot or sequel to the story Written by XerXes titled New Me. If I were to do the sequel way how could I do that without getting into trouble with someone? Or would it be okay to do it without permission?

Crumbly Writer

You need to make an honest attempt to reach him, which might be difficult with no known ID. Then you should post a notice that you're taking over his story, with pointers to his original story and a request for anyone knowing him to contact you.

However, an easier approach is to write a 'similar' story, rather than writing a sequel. Copyright covers the words in a story, so as long as you don't duplicate the easy to prove details, you're free to copy ideas and concepts.

You can also label it 'fan fiction'. Generally many authors will allow you to get away with that distinction, as it draws additional attention to their work. Just be prepared to take it down if the author (or his family) complains.




Okay I'm working on the story. It's titled Big Time Switch.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


Okay I'm working on the story. It's titled Big Time Switch.

Big Time Sandwich? As Dagwood would say, "Yum-yum!"


Time switches whether big or small sound somewhat like Do-over stories. I will be interested in the story when posted. Unless the switch is like a whip or cane used for punishment.

I haven't used this for a least a day. Time Flies like an Arrow. Fruit Flies like a Banana. So few words, so many meanings. Does Big modify time or switch? Is time switch a single concept like a light switch to turn on electricity to a light bulb. Which brings us to light or heavy. Or right as a direction or a political party or something you get though the action of law, the right to keep silent. I think I should exercise that right right now.

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