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help finding western story


if i remember correct the story was around civil war time the main person was a young man and his family did not want him involved with the war or with a gang that recrutied by force if needed that robbed any one they sent him west he befriends and helps several people i think he ends up in colorado teratory i think its a series of stories. i'm looking for it and any others like it i came here cause reading the posts it seems like many of you might be able to help.


Maybe it's "The Trilogy and More Western Universe by woodmanone ...


Ernest Bywater

Danged if I can find the story, but I seem to remember something like you mention. If it's the one I think it is he didn't want to leave the family farm, but took off after his father and a neighbour set things up to look like he stole a horse.


It may be The Trail West


And The Gathering

Included in the The Trilogy and More Western Universe by woodmanone
mentioned by derfphred


thank you those are the ones i was looking for. does anyone happen to know other stories like thes. thank you again its great to get help so quick.

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