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Lost story


Syfi. Boy is descendent from Zeus and he has to find others that are descendent from others like him to get their ship that is stuck on the moon. Thanks.


I think the story you are looking for is

Star Dancer by Sir Winston.

The author removed his stories from SOL, but

I believe there is an entry earlier in this

forum that tells where some of his stories can

be found.

Good Luck

Ernest Bywater

available from his site at:




Star Dancer, and other Sir Winston stories, can be found on asstr here:

There are 14 chapters of Star Dancer posted. I don't know if that's all of it.

Replies:   Fia1

Thanks Franco!


I believe some of his stories are available as Kindle books. The author is Ben Winston. The titles are different, but the one I read seems to be fit with the one mentioned above.



The stories by Sir Winston, on Apache's favorites, are the original Talosian Chronicles. The New version of his stories are only available for sale, and have been rewriten and polished.



Thanks for the link.

I bought two of his re-written novels on bluespace, as well as two from McLain

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