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Have you seen this story:


Long time ago, on I believe literotica (not sure) I read a story about from a young womans perspective of being abducted (non violent) from a bus to another dimention by a man who takes her as a slave.

This is where my memory of the story is non-existant but I do remember that at the end of the story the woman gains the title of "Phyche" (after the goddess) and the man submits himself to her before walking into a ballroom (I think).

Problem is that I can no longer remember the name of the story, can anyone help?

Replies:   Gauthier

There are about 342778 stories on Lit with "Psyche"(the correct spelling of the Goddess's name) in it. There are 69 with Psyche and bus. Work was hell today so try the advanced search on lit and subfilter by nonhuman scifi and novel and see if anything is familiar.

Good Hunting, limab

As I reread the post it reads snarky. I don't mean it that way, but my head hurts to much to figure a rephrase.



The Making of a Goddess by LaBurquette

It was on literotica in 2011, but seems to have been pulled.

The internet archive missed it.

It's now available from amazon with a new title: "Held in Dreams" by Ava Burquette

Replies:   limab


Thank you, Gauthier. I'm feeling better but am to lazy to unsnark my reply, good thing I didn't try the individual stories :) it would have been ugly in my head trying to find a pulled story.


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