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Lost Story of Lost Love. Please hep...


Howdy yawl,

I'm looking for a story on SOL or Lit but my memory ain't what it used to be. Here's what I remember: A boy and a girl are friends as youngsters then boyfriend/girlfriend in high school. The usual thing with maturing girls, she becomes quite the looker but she's in love with him and only him during HS. He's a worker, and as I recall, his parents couldn't send him to college so he starts in construction. Her family can send her to college and she ends up going to, I think, Penn State but it could've been anywhere, a four hour drive from where they live. While she's gone, he buys a fixer house in their hometown and starts remodeling it to surprise her. At some point, he drives to her college to surprise her and gets surprised himself when he sees her snogging a guy at a party there. Naturally the wheels fall off and he goes back home and stops communication with her. There may have been some form of "I was here and now I'm not." when he left. He won't talk with her until she shows up at the house while he's working on it. I don't think they get back together for quite a while if at all.

That's as far as my memory goes. I do recall it was very well written but for the life of me, I cannot remember who wrote it. One of the top writers on the site but going through each their lists has me drawing a blank.

The story is sort of like Don Lockwood's "The Distance Between" but much, much longer and more involved.

Please help me recover my memory...

Thank you in advance,

Replies:   evanlee8

I have read this story on SOL,but other then that my memory has faded too.

Ernest Bywater

The starts sounds like part of Wes Boyd's Winchester Harbour (link below), but the second part doesn't. You may enjoy Wes' story while you wait for inspiration on the other.


Sounds like a good read, interested to hear the answer



Did you ever remember the title or author?


It would be helpful if you can remember the tags of the story.

I just looked up snogging so i'm not sure if that qualifies to 'cheating/loving wives' as those imply explicit sex.

The premise of the story though is familiar to The Grim Reaper, where the girl was a genius/smart and the boy was down on his luck(financially and smarts i think).

I haven't read it so i'm not sure if there was any snogging involve but stories like this typically involve relationship challenges so it might be the one?

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