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Whatever happened to Young Thinker


Just noticed his name disappeared from the site an the deleted story list has all his stories.Has he been shunned???

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


He wrote to Lazeez and asked all his stories be removed. He may or may not have told Lazeez why he wanted them removed, but he had them removed and closed his account.

Replies:   Dicrostonyx

Too bad - I enjoyed his stories. Thanks for the quick reply.


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Young Thinker got older and stopped.

Replies:   John Demille
John Demille


Young Thinker got older and stopped.

I don't think it's as simple as that. Got older and stopped doesn't involve yanking his work off the site. He would have left the stories on the site and not posted new ones.

It's more. Most likely one of those authors who either "Found God" or got a girlfriend that disapproves of his kind of writing.

A lot of people can't wrap their brain on the idea of incest stories, let alone accept one who writes them. He wrote a lot of Brother/Sister stories. Now he may be one of those authors who have done that, or want to do that (sleep with their own sister). But he could also be one of those authors who write it for the kink of it.

I know I write brother/sister incest and yet have no interest whatsoever in sleeping with my own sister. Actually, if my sister ever pops into my mind while masturbating or having sex, I lose my erection. It has happened already.

So if Young Thinker got a girlfriend he probably taking the safe option of removing the stories lest said girlfriend finds out and leaves in disgust.


There are 10 stories still on asstr -

Replies:   Bondi Beach

@Ernest Bywater

Ernest Bywater

Thank you for the update. I had actually been in the middle of downloading epubs for several of his stories when the page just disappeared. It's none of my business what his reasons were, but it's nice to at least know that it was his choice and that he wasn't suddenly banned by SOL for some reason.

Replies:   Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach


but it's nice to at least know that it was his choice and

In another thread Lazeez said it was because he had a new wife / girlfriend / significant other who presumably would not have or did not react well to the stories.


Bondi Beach


There are 10 stories still on asstr -

Thanks for this. There are at least a couple in there that are new to me.



I wish he would have given a heads up before he pulled everything

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