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Claddaugh rings, teleportation, Irish family, high school, moving a fridge with his mind... That's all I can remember, but I know I loved it...

Replies:   Ernest Bywater

I remember that series. It was great. I can't remember the title or author. I did a text search looking for Claddaugh or Claddagh and I didn't find anything. It may have been taken down by the author.




I did a search on Claddagh / teleportation and came up with 'sorcerer' and 'best girl', both by BJohn.
I haven't read them, but is that any help in either identifying or eliminating a possibility?

Replies:   Timbo123
Ernest Bywater


That's all I can remember

It may help if you can remember what wasn't in it. The Category Search has an Advanced option where you can tell the system to not include certain aspect, and thus help winnow a huge search answer. For example - you mention he has ESP: there are 413 stories tagged as esp, but if you take that same list and tag it as not aliens you're down to 405 - by similar exclusions you can cut it back to something you can look through. Cut out do-overs, space, robots and you come down another 100 stories. If there are fetishes and sex activities that aren't in it and can be excluded, then you cut it back again.

The problem comes if the story was tagged as esp to begin with. In that case not using the esp tag and excluding everything else you know isn't in it you can get a reasonable list to go through.

Ernest Bywater


Claddaugh or Claddagh

a search on the above found these referenced - not read or scanned them, but the name may jog a memory - some are from before the ESP tag was in the list.

Postcards from the Pacific

Dance of a Lifetime

Twice Lucky

Blackmail and Other Dirty Words

Remittance Man

Who am I Really

The Perfect date


The First Ninety Days

Kitten and Teddy Bear


A well Lived Life Book 7 - Kara II



That's it!! Thanks so much... Guess it wasn't a series after all. Thanks, all, for your help; Sorcerer is a great read if you're looking for something new and long.

Replies:   samuelmichaels


There were more books in the universe. See also

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