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Runaway by Sparkyman


Incredible story, it seemed to just disapear from the system

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


Yep. The author asked for its removal a while back. It seems that his writings were causing him problems in his private life.

Replies:   mathnut

@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

Thanks for your reply! Such a shame. I hope that he has been able to put those things to rest.


He co-wrote a chapter or two of Community by Oyster50 with the two main characters of Runaway. I think I head that he reposted Runaway with a different name and by a different author/pen name, but I don't know details.

In the dim recesses of my mind, I seem to recall that the story was semi-autobiographical, so posting it may have led to trouble.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater

Chapter 48 of Community

Ernest Bywater


If someone can provide some character names or place names I could run an advanced search for it.

Replies:   master2bz

@Ernest Bywater

OK, I'm slightly wrong. Chapter 49 of Community.

Main character is Duncan or Duncs. (Duncan Smith from Controltech Systems) Love interest is Amy. Daughter is Jess. others are Lisa, Franz, James.

Place is given as "a small town in Yorkshire, England"

Replies:   Ernest Bywater  madnige
Ernest Bywater


Dang, no matches with any of that.


Looks like I need to go back and remove and patch "Community">

As it is, Duncs' chapter provides a discontinuity. We exchanged emails and ideas. It was going to be fun to write, but with his problems at home, he's off line and I' don't think I can leave the chapter in there.




OK, I'm slightly wrong. Chapter 49 of Community.

Oyster50's blog July 12, 2014 does state Ch 48, although the story does have it in Ch 49; this is because of a re-discovered missing chapter Eight (see blog August 15, 2015)

Place is given as "a small town in Yorkshire, England"

b) from 'Runaway', ch 13:

I live in a village named Etton which is a few miles from Beverley

-- Beverley is at the south end of East Riding of Yorkshire, I live at the north edge of the North Riding, about 75 miles away.

I have it saved from SoL as Runaway by Let's not tell Jane, along with The Quiet Man, The Silent Girl. I spent some time living in Hull (about 7 miles from Beverley) so recognise many locations.

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