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The story as I remember it was a cross between CMsix's Helga and Matt Helms Trip to Waco Pt II. A family moving west by wagon. The father was either not with the family, leaves, or is killed off early. Teen son becomes main man. Obligatory bad guys cutting down trees to hold up. One or more wagons join before or after man from future with modern arms is sent back and joins them. Later, more modern arms are provided for rest of family. It was a good bit longer than CMsix's of this type. Read it at least 5 or more years ago. I thought it was by CMsix but can't seem to find it on his pages.


The story is cmsix's Half Breed man from future comes in late in the story


Thanks, but that's not the one. The one I'm looking for has the man traveling by horse and having his own weapons before he physically meets up with them. IIRC the story is longer and takes place further south and maybe west.


I Take it we are not talking about http://storiesonline.net/s/53996/finding-peace

Most stories by cmsix are short and unfinished. Here is one which is much longer http://storiesonline.net/s/55904/oregon and unfinished.


You're right, although I wish Celtic Cowboy had written more in his Love in West Texas series. As for cmsix, I got the feeling that his stories tended to "get away from him", especially the longer ones. Depression and some of the other long ones seemed to snowball on him.
Still, he's a fun read.



Sadly Celtic Cowboy's stories tended to get away from him, too. He was having trouble with 'When Dreams Come True' until he figured out what to do with Nancy and he wasn't too happy about where 'Finding Peace' went. He had another unfinished story that he hadn't put out that had real possibilities but as far as I know he only ever did the first 5 or 6 chapters.

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Celtic Cowboy's

Sadly another writer who's stories that have the unfinished labels will never be finished now. I don't remember the date, but sadly he passed on. I do go back and read his stories from time to time however.

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10 Sep 2013 I believe.


Sadly, that happens. Writers pass, get to sick, or just stop. I despair of no more DualWriter, Apeman, Joe J, Ravesoul, Warlord, Orblover, and others. The saddest may be Exalphageek who quit out of fear of political retribution.

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Crumbly Writer


As for cmsix, I got the feeling that his stories tended to "get away from him", especially the longer ones.

It wasn't that his stories 'got away with him', instead, he could never successfully revolve the one basic premise, and continually wrote himself into a corner. The very first story he did complete, ending with a resolution that involved dinosaurs (about a trip to the American west during the 1800s).

That's why I, and other authors, keep insisting that authors focus on writing to the story's conclusion, rather than simply writing and wondering where the hell the story went. He should have learned after his 5th or 10th incomplete story.

They were fun to read, but they were a complete mess!

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@Crumbly Writer

They were fun to read, but they were a complete mess!

I'd say they are an enjoyable but incomplete mess.



Joe J still lurks here.



Or who was the guy writing the Trailer Oark series? Didn't he get busted for writing stories eoth underage sex?

Dominions Son


Oark? eoth?

Please don't drink and type.

Ernest Bywater


The author of the trailer park series (Wizard) was busted for having a USB drive with child porn pictures and stories at work, using a work computer to view both images and stories then being super dumb to leave the USB drive lying around where another worker found it after he finished for the day. He should almost be due out of prison soon.

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@Ernest Bywater

My understanding is that in addition, he would not take a lawyer but insisted on defending himself.


Was he trying to go to the chair

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Dominions Son


Was he trying to go to the chair

No death penalty for child pornography, so that would be difficult.


That's 1 I wish would be added along domestic abuse.here in the states I wonder if some has or would do a study on the rise of crime vs. the fall of harsh punishments,you know like stop corporal punishment in school leads to kids being little bastards in school and so on.

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A few years before I got as far as the local High School equivalent, they had a couple of teachers there who were out and out sadists - one of them in particular. I only heard about them from older graduates but their stories were consistent and rang true.
That kind of behaviour was also not the answer and would no longer have been tolerated by the time I was there.



I wonder if some has or would do a study on the rise of crime vs. the fall of harsh punishments

Well the studies have been done extensively and are backed by strong scientific data.
I wonder why you didn't find any?
Did you bother to search?

Any intro to behavioral neuroscience would give you sufficient background to comprehend the scientific studies which links domestic abuse by adults to their corporal punishments when they were children.

Using corporal punishment effectively require a controlled environment which in practice doesn't exists.

Moreover, corporal punishment has incredibly bad side effects. The scientific evidence is overwhelming: Corporal punishment produce defective humans and criminals.


I never checked,as for spanking leading defective humans as opposed to the little angels we have now? I don't think abuse and discipline are the same thing.i went to visit my ex and daughter a few yrs ago when my daughter was acting up I was told the state of Michigan says even yelling at your kid is child abuse and you can't send the kid to their room because that is their safe space.so exactly how do you teach your kid that doing bad has consequences before they wind up in prison or as unwed mothers of 5 kids and can't name the father of any of them?can't spank(physical abuse),can't yell(emotional abuse),can't ground(some other bullshit kind of abuse)so what's left?

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so what's left?

The options I can think of all revolve around the idea of not having kids in the state of Michigan - either by not having kids period or moving away from from locations that criminalize any attempts by parents to discipline their kids.



I never checked

Well lack of knowledge is your primary problem. Granted, it's not part of the normal curriculum.

the little angels we have now

Parenting requires skills, learn them and don't rely on your own education experience.

I don't think abuse and discipline are the same thing

As you said, your judgment is not informed.

Causing cognitive disorders is abuse and recognized as that by the law.

so what's left?

There is plenty left and it's much more effective than fear conditioning. Just read some instruction manual.

The science may be beyond your scope, but following the instructions is very easy.

So you better learn, the other options are not pretty:
- Going to jail for abuse.
- Being trampled over by your angels.
- Take a cowardly exit and divorce.
- Move to another state and raise cripled violent wife beaters.

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Capt. Zapp


Boy have you been brainwashed by the so-called experts.


The science of raising children?since when did telling a child to do their homework,stop hitting others,or any other misbehavior become science?oh yes now I remember,when the children that got a spanking not abused grew up and did want their little muffy or Dustin III to have to take responsibility for their own actions.i have since looked at a few articles on the use of corporal punishment all from liberals and all say it's a bad thing to punish a child.while a lot of the views from the right say otherwise.most of us grew up with the proverb of spare the rod, again most on the right.as a 42yr old I got my fair share and I have never lost respect for the law or those that spanked me.in fact I would say I gained more when I learned that they wouldn't take any shit from me.my daughter is almost 18 and lives with her mother (divorced) and has NO respect for anyone.1 of the articles said spanking leads to criminal life choices I say b.s. choices lead to being a criminal.being born poor doesn't mean you have to stay poor,being born rich doesn't mean you get to get away with breaking the law unless your a Clinton. In the u.s. working hard has become to be seen as what other people do.the snowflake college kids have to have a week off if a republican wins an election or if for some reason that get a bad grade.these are the future leaders of our country that have never face the consequences of not doing the right thing or not getting their own way.sadly most of them were born and raised in an era were they not able to be punished for the misbehavior.


just like "polls" every "scientific study" can be skewed to give the results the "scientist" wants.

As one person mentioned there is a BIG difference between "Discipline" and 'Abuse" when raising kids.


Growing up the worst punishment I ever had was spending a summer at my grandparents and had switching with a sunflower stalk. My parents gave me spankings. When I turned 14 my father decided I was grownup enough for no more such punishment and made me sit at the table and look him in the eye while he gave the lecture, I wished that he had kept spanking me instead.


Parents need to remember your children will pick your nursing home and when hospitals turn off your life support. Or maybe you will re-marry and your new wife will decide whether to collect your life insurance or pay a very high hospital bill.

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