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Old High Fantasy Story


So I remember this story from years back, but cannot for the life of me find it.

It started off with a mage having his final exam at the academy where he has to fight his friend, and is supposed to lose, he wins instead and the headmistress punishes him severely sexually.

He is then taken by carriage to the army where he is tested for his magical aptitude, but because of the previous night he tests so poorly he is put into the beginner basic training. During that training he ends up being tested by combat against a plant mage and wins.

That is a fairly fragmented bit of what I remmeber, and I am hoping that someone can nail down what story this is.


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awnlee jawking


I searched on an exact match for 'plant mage' and got no hits.

I tried an exact match search for 'green mage' and was surprised how few hits I got since I thought it was a common term. All the stories were by Risq in his Battlemage universe, which I haven't read. Sounds a possible from the description, but all the stories are upstairs :(



ya I have done dozens of google searches with the qualifier over the past year or so, and have not found it. I am guessing that the story was pulled by the author, so I would need someone who recognizes the story specifically I think :(

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


ya I have done dozens of google searches with the qualifier over the past year or so, and have not found it.

Google has a thing against SOL. Barely half the stories on the site are indexed. So misses most of the stories on the site.


I had that story bookmarked but removed it when the author removed his stories a few years back. Sorry but do not remember name of author or story. I do know that you have pretty much all that was written as it was never continued from that point before it was pulled.


Ok... so at least I was right in assuming that the author pulled the story, and it wasn't a case of me just not being able to find it again.

Thanks @crutch99

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plant mage

A search for "plant mage" on my archive found one match:
Witchery by (a relative of) EzzyB posted in 2009.
Not sure if it is your story.

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