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A number of series about a world of women

Robin Pentecost

I recall several series about a world where women have triplets and go to war with an evil empire. Can someone point me to it? Thanks.


Gina Marie Wylie's site Beyond the Far Horizon had the whole United Families universe but most of the stories have been removed and put on Amazon. There are still some good ones by Bruce Bretthauer on that site. You have to sign up for the site, but it is free. Firestar, Setosha, Endgame, Slack Water, and Boabdil are on the most frequently read list. The author list for Bruce Bretthauer has, it says 53 stories by him. The ones above are also there as are some other shorter ones about the Families. Or you could pay for the longer ones on amazon and improve his widow's financial situation.

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Robin Pentecost

Thanks for the reminder. I really liked GMW's stories and miss her very much.


She is still active on her site and posts new stories there with satisfying frequency, mostly on Sundays, after 6pm. Some are novel length, others are shorter. In some cases she posts stories, completes them and then they disappear to be found again, on Amazon because writing is how she supports herself. There are also two blogs, one about stories that appear on her site, the other about anything else, but mostly politics, at least lately.

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