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looking for new stories (Coming of age, Time travel,)


so i haven't really lost a story i'm looking for new stories. i also posted this under story discussion and feedback(im guessing the right place for this) but this thread seems to get more traffic so i hope not one minds

i'm looking for a some stories to read nice long coming of age stories that are kinda over the top. i'm currently reading stupid boy- fall and richard jackson tenth grade. more stories like these would be welcomed

I've also read most of the time travel stories when the charters go back in time and make changes to there lifes for the better and im itching for a new one .. but the search bar can only take u so far.

lastly im also reading Gateway... and would love more like this also ... any suggests

Replies:   Harold Wilson

Twice Lucky is a good one.


You might try Paul's Redemption by Novascriptus or the Hindsight 20/20 stories by SmokinDriver, although Book 4 is still in progress.

A couple more would be 'A Fresh Start' and 'A Fresh Start - Epilogue' by rlfj.

And one of my favorites - 'A New Past' by Charlie Foxtrot.


Maybe Retreads

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4/1/2017, 7:43:24 PM

Maybe Retreads

Drat! Now I have another one to put on my reread list.

zellus ( in progress Updated: 20.8.2016, 01.48.55)

Harold Wilson


As with a lot of things on teh interwebs, someone has done some of the work for you:

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Capt. Zapp

@Harold Wilson

As with a lot of things on teh interwebs, someone has done some of the work for you:

I enjoyed finding this list (and the related time-travel page - however I find that it does not appear to be updated with any frequency.

I did find one site that I wish I had gotten to a few days earlier - According to their home page:

SFF Net opened on 10 July 1996 as an online home for authors, publishers, editors, media pros, and fans, catering to genre fiction, mostly science fiction and fantasy. It closed on 31 March 2017.

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@Capt. Zapp

Replies:   Capt. Zapp
Capt. Zapp


Awesome! Thanks.

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