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High School Football/Base ball story


I am not looking for a lost story per se. More like a recommendation. I am looking for a sports themed story that might have slipped through the cracks. I have read stupid boy, playing the game, stitch in time. But I am looking for something to grab at me and the search engine isn't doing me any favours

Ernest Bywater


you didn't mention the Life In Paradise series so here's the link, plus a few other stories.

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@Ernest Bywater

Oh boy that was fast. I have read American boy and path to glory. I am looking forward to reading the rest. More responses are welcomed


The series is still ongoing, but look at the 'Stupid Boy' stories by G. Younger.

And if you are into hockey, look at The Defenceman stories by Cold Creek.

dman-3 is not finished, and hasn't been posted to in a while, but is still good as far as it goes.



Banner Year by Shrink 42
Sport themed, but covers a lot of other topics as well and well written.

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Tony Stevens writes pretty good baseball stories, mainly about an Orioles' minor league affiliate. You'll enjoy the stories.

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Excellent story is A Flawed Diamond by Jay Cantrell

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Crumbly Writer

And of course, don't forget "Spitfire & Messhersmitt". It wasn't completed for a long time (mainly because the author gave up on writing books with sex in them and lost interest in revising the story to fix the corner she wrote herself into), but she's finally restarted it (though I haven't yet read the newest version). Even incomplete, it's always been one of my favorite stories. It also features a guy/girl romance who're both playing on the same HS baseball team.



A Flawed Diamond is Baseball and follows on from another story, parts of it do not make sense unless you read the first one. (and it has him playing Football).



A better link for Tony Stevens' baseball stories is


I read stupid boy as soon as it posts on Saturdays. I have read flawed diamond, defense man. Banner year and take me out to the ball game are in my cross hairs. I will be back


While it is only peripherally about baseball, and Major League at that, Jay Cantrell's "Runaway Train" offers some glimpses into the darker side of pro ball, and especially the farm system. They are kind of disbursed throughout the story, but since it is such a good read, that shouldn't be a problem.


You might try the Golfer's Dream series by The Caddy.



Take a look at Redemption by Shrink42 before Banner Year. There's some overlap in the characters. Both stories are very strong character studies and the writing is solid. I wish Shrink42 was still posting.

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Thanks. That was on my future list, so I didn't know they were connected.

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