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Looking for story


It is about a boy who grows up on a planet that everything is dangerous or deadly

Dominions Son


Sounds like real life. Breathing is dangerous.

Life is a terminal disease with a 100% fatality rate.

Safety is an illusion of familiar risks.



It is about a boy who grows up on a planet that everything is dangerous or deadly

Could be "Addison's World" byg Ka Hmnd. Another possibility is Adventures of a Greenie by Vanessa Ravencroft.


Vanessa Ravencroft's Adventures of a Greenie. It looks like she pulled them from here. Try this link
I found her to be an erratic but decent author.

Good hunting, limab


https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3041873/1/1-Adventures-of-a-Greenie By Vanessa Ravencroft. Heck of a good story but I do not think she takes criticism very well, she would pull a good story saying she was going to update it then nothing. Me, I loved her stories. Rod

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That it thank you all for the help

awnlee jawking


I enjoyed the story enormously, although it needed a decent editor/proofreader.

Was the story ever continued? I seem to remember lots of issues still hanging.



I too liked a lot of her stories, especially the Eric Olafson series. Unfortunately it doesn't look like she's written or added to her list in a while. That I could find anyways.


I seem to remember from a while back that she wrote on her blog that she had a Stroke and was recovering.

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