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Virus outbreak


Looking for stories where a virus or Magic makes girls want to have sex

Replies:   awnlee jawking
Eroticon Virus at ASSTR.

Replies:   Not_a_ID


Or the "Nude Plague"

Bi-Caps used a variation on the concept, with permission, from another person who has since pulled all of his own work down. Bi-caps never wrote more than the initial part however.

The Eroticon Virus likewise is incomplete, and given it's age, is unlikely to be continued by the author at this point. LovelyNice is probably still alive, as I'm under the impression she's around my age, so it's possible. I just don't find it probable.


I think it kinda meets the criteria. Good story too

Crumbly Writer

Another story in my queue (as yet unstarted), it features an FBI investigation into a terrorist drug using chemical aerosoles that lower inhibitions (a long way to get to the same basic story premise). It's more mystery than stroke story, though.


Just saw the title that starts with Dead Mother,

awnlee jawking


You might like to try Magical Slavery by Alan C Zumwalt.



Caesar - Age of X coming home

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