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Wolfe series of stories by Eon/Brightlyiburn



I remember an author who went by the name Eon here on SOL (many years ago, I read her works in 2008) and Brightlyiburn (or some variant) on Literotica who had a series of stories about a fictional Wolfe family. She has since removed her stories due to an unfortunate incident; her works were plagiarised and sold on Amazon.

Does any of you have her works downloaded and if yes, would you be willing to email them to me? I assure you that they are for my own reading and nothing else. Thanks!


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I just accessed this url and it showed as current.
The Fox and the Hound is a Wolfe story, I can't remember if any others are.


Wow! This was the most amazing find! I would still prefer if someone has pdf or epub files downloaded but this really is fantastic. Thanks!



When did she remove her stories?
I have several of hers - around half of those unfinished - but none of the Wolfe set.

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The reason can br read here

And more details here



She used to write around 10 years back, I first came across her works on Literotica back in 2007. As posted above, removed for plagiarism reasons and I can't find a way to contact her and source these stories.

Also, if you have her works, would appreciate if you could send them to me.


She still posts her blog on Maybe you can leave a comment on her latest posting. She might respond to you.

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