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Rome in modern setting


Hi do anyone have ever read about a story that use Rome system in present day ?

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Not present day, no, but Elevated by Tom Frost has Rome (with most of the social systems intact) surviving in some alternate timeline with somewhat modern tech.

Vanessa Ravencroft also uses a Rome-like empire (Pan Sarans) in a science-fictional setting.

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There was a commercial book from the 70's that had Rome not fall. A reporter survived a nuclear airplane crash and found himself in a roman province in north america. It would take me a while to find it though.



There was a comic book series about the Trigan Empire, which was modeled on Rome. Here is the Wikipedia article on it:



Thx man, that is the story.


Thx everybody for support



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There was a Star Trek (TOS) Episode where Kirk and crew found a Roman-like society with ~1930's era tech, IIRC. And considering it was filmed in the 1960's that was practically modern at the time.

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