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Woman's car breaks down


This ring a bell? Woman's car breaks down and she gets a tow but the tow truck guy seems shady. A younger guy sees her in trouble and invites her to stay with him. She shares a bed and thanks him with sex.


I know a story with a vaguely similar plot but there are too many discrepancies, and I'm pretty sure it was never posted here. Still, it is a good read.


Glad you sent me to spearfishlaketales. A new one is starting in a week or so that looks like an interesting variant Do-Over.

by Wes Boyd ©2015, ©2016
Joe is a truck driver who has driven the same cross-country route for over thirty years. He's just your average Joe, bored and a little frustrated with his life, but with nothing better to look forward to. Then a bolt of lightning hits his truck; when he comes to, he's eighteen again, it's 1965 – and he discovers that he's the twin sister he never had, Joan! While she has no idea of how this could have happened, she resolves to do things differently in this new life, see the world and have some fun along the way. From snow-swept mountaintops to war-torn jungles, from squalid third-world slums to sophisticated cities she manages to do just that. But in the end she's faced with the same questions she's had from the beginning, questions like "What happened?" "Why?" and "Why me?"

Posting Starts November 14, 2016


Good story! But not the one I was looking for :/ oh well.

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