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looking for 2 stories


thanks for ur help
story 1
it is 2 chapter
chapter 1
about a mom blackmailed by her son n friend with help from friend parent who live next door all live in apartment and there is a creepy guy the son ask for help to end the blackmail
chapter 2
the creepy guy ask the son to bring mom to swimming pool n boys puts clothspine on her boob n smash the pin with towel and the story end with the mother being taken somewhere where the son was force to leave her there n never see her again.

story 2
about experimentation in a lab
there was gene splicing to create hybrid of few animal into an embryo/sperm and this was as a joke and the embryo/sperm was planted into a jealous college and the it took root and grew in her womb in matter of few hours n she was still in lab n give birth to it and the creature feed n become mature in matter of hours and proceed to have sex with his mother and was soon pregnant n give birth again

please do reply here or to



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