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High school plane crash story


Hi everybody, I was looking to reread a story i originally read on 3-5 yrs ago about a plane crash with a group from a high school class. The main character was a bit of a loner but with knowledge of survival training from dad and uncle. Survivors were like 6-8 females with 3 boys (MC and 2 more, who died for being assholes and drinking salt water). It had occasional side-stories about memories or family members not stranded with them. I believe they had to deal with pirates (slave traders) and found an old bunker with WW2 plane to return. I can't recall if it had proper tags applied to it. It might have been caught in a purge by xnxx.stories when they removed stories that had underage characters. Any help is greatly appreciated. I was able to find the first chapter of this story at by JOSEPHBARNOSKY. Not sure if he is the original author and/or he has another pen name or is a reposter. I know this had multiple chapters minimum of 10 I believe. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


Check this out, it may or may not be it

Synopsis: It's a romance, an adventure tale, sexy (of course), and could be longer. Plane crashes on a deserted island in the south Pacific. The college expedition is trapped.

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@Ernest Bywater


@Ernest Bywater

Thanks it isn't. I'll give it a read it seems interesting and similar probably better written to, but I was really looking for that specific story. Thanks again


Not with high school level characters, but a good desert island story. It's Master's Island by Taoman.

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