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Boy runs away for home and heartache and later returns to fulfill a last request


This story is about a boy who runs away form home after after graduation changes his life. At the party bout him and his girlfriend get drugged and he gets caught in the bathroom with another girl. Once he realize what is happening he finds his girlfriend in a truck with his backup quarterback. He then has a argument with his father and leaves town without telling anyone. He ends up looking for a job but while walking to a ranch it starts to snow and almost gets run over by the owner of the ranch. (a woman) they end up falling in love and having a little girl before the woman dies of cancer. Filling the last wish of his wife he heads home with his daughter. He meets his old girlfriend and they end up moving to his ranch and in the end get married.

Replies:   tppm

I believe this is it. There Is a Reason by A.A Nemo:


Thank you very much, this is the story I was looking for.



runs away form home after after graduation changes his life.

That's not running away, that's leaving home to start ones own life.

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